Thursday, 3 February 2011

What Motivates Me?

So as I discussed in my second post I am mostly motivated by two aspects, which are freedom and money basically, however I am not trying to earn money to be rich or to have 6 cars, after all who really needs 6 cars?, no I am trying to make money so that I can live the Dream, as you will all know by now I am pretty much obsessed with America, owning my dream car and going on the trip of a lifetime, a road trip across the states.Sure im not saying that I would not like lots of money, who wouldn't?, im saying that money isn't my main incentive, if it was I would be writing maybe 50 to 60 words of complete nonsense and not really caring about what my readers or what my readers think and for that fact wouldn't be very successful, sure there are some people whose main incentive is money and that is totally fine with me, in my opinion people whose main incentive in money will not care about their readers as much. On that note i thank you for reading my 3rd Blog post

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