Monday, 7 February 2011

Starting Out

So as of now you all know that i am working on a dream, yes the american dream, i want to live it and see the sights for myself. Yesterday is when i really started getting into my work and started to make money. I set up my first website that is to promote one of the top driver update softwares available, however that is not what this post is about. no. This post will be telling you what you can do to raise the funds to raise money to start fullfilling your dream. Ok so there are normal jobs like babysitting and mowing lawns but in all honesty for most peoples dreams that is not enough, you need to do more. Me working online was a decision that i decided to make since i liked working with computers and wanted to make money, i knew it wouldnt be easy but with a bit of hard work and luck i know that i can make a living online.

Thursday, 3 February 2011

What Motivates Me?

So as I discussed in my second post I am mostly motivated by two aspects, which are freedom and money basically, however I am not trying to earn money to be rich or to have 6 cars, after all who really needs 6 cars?, no I am trying to make money so that I can live the Dream, as you will all know by now I am pretty much obsessed with America, owning my dream car and going on the trip of a lifetime, a road trip across the states.Sure im not saying that I would not like lots of money, who wouldn't?, im saying that money isn't my main incentive, if it was I would be writing maybe 50 to 60 words of complete nonsense and not really caring about what my readers or what my readers think and for that fact wouldn't be very successful, sure there are some people whose main incentive is money and that is totally fine with me, in my opinion people whose main incentive in money will not care about their readers as much. On that note i thank you for reading my 3rd Blog post

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

What the American Dream means to me

So, as I discussed before the American Dream means different things to different people. However no matter who you speak to you will get one answer repeated over and over again which is Freedom. Freedom plays a big part in the American Dream since the foundations of the Dream are based upon freedom and being able to live life how you wish to. My Personal Dream is based mainly upon 2 outcomes which I will discuss below:

Freedom- Yes here it is again that word that I love so much. Freedom. Freedom means to me being able to live my life without being held back by work or school, freedom is more than just living your life as you wish, freedom is living your life to the full.
Prosperity- prosperity is the 2nd outcome that I wish to accomplish when chasing the American Dream, sure we would all like to be rich or have a big house, but think if you had lots of money and were happy what would you do with the money?, buy a nice car?, buy a big house?, buy a jet maybe?, I don’t know that is up to you. I have always had a plan to follow if I had enough money and that hasn’t changed for years now but I have never had the money to follow the plan up with actions, since I am being honest and don’t want to hold anything back in this blog I will share with you all my plan.

My plan was to buy a Black 69 Mustang and hit the open roads across America. Now what man doesn’t want to do that? Think about it, just drop everything to hit the open road, some may class that as being free; remember what I said my definition of freedom was? Living my life without being held back by work or school now my Plan seems like freedom to me but before freedom in my case comes prosperity. I will leave you with that thought, thank you for reading my 2nd blog post.


Tuesday, 1 February 2011

The American Dream.......What?

Welcome To My Blog.

Firstly I would like to personally congratulate each and every one of you for finding my Blog!. I'm sure you are all thinking American Dream......What?, well lucky for you, you have stumbled upon a Blog devoted to the American Dream. The American Dream means different things to different people, to me it means Freedom and Prosperity however to you it may not mean a thing and to be quite honest, that is OK because the sole purpose of my Blog is to help people understand the American Dream and what it is all about. I made my Blog because I wanted to teach people about the American Dream and how they can live it, sure the Dream may seem a long way away to some of you as it does me, however that doesn't stop us from trying to reach true freedom does it?.

Let me just fill you in with a little background information about myself, my name is John I am from the U.K and am 16, at this point I know that some of you who are more "experienced" in life are thinking "what would a 16 year old know about freedom?" and that is a good question so let me explain. I have wanted to live the dream for a number of years now, when I got to about 14 I started looking into my passions and dreams and the two things that cropped up were America and Freedom, that is when I truly learnt the meaning of freedom, to be free is not just to live how you want but it is to live life to the full and one of the quotes that motivates me is "always live life to the full" which sums up the American Dream nicely, however this Blog wont just be what the American dream is but it will be a place that I will keep you all updated on my progress to finally reaching the American Dream and on that note I thank you for reading my first Blog post and hope you will follow my Blog.

Thank you for reading